Pre-Construction Termite Barriers Protect New Home Builds

Owning a home presents some unique challenges. It can be difficult, at times, to keep up on everything that is necessary to maintain a beautiful and comfortable property. That being said, there are also problems that can occur and often, they take place without anybody noticing until it is sometimes too late. This is an issue with termites, and they can be devastating to your home. That’s why it’s essential to protect your home right from the pre-construction phase.

termites on plant matter

I’ll be the first one to admit that most people will not consider pest control when they are building a new home. After all, everything is fresh and new, so it is probably the last thing on your mind. In reality, however, the time when you are building your home is probably the most important time to consider it. In fact, if you have even a slight knowledge of termites and what they can do, there may be some things you can do during the construction process that will help to eliminate the possibility of termite infestation from the start.

You should also not be lulled into a false sense of security, feeling as if a newly constructed home is free from such problems. In reality, homes that have been recent construction are at a high risk when it comes to termite infestation. It may be that the problems begin during this phase and can continue to be a problem for many years until you finally recognize the issue. The unfortunate thing is, it may almost be too late by the time you recognize it.

Because of the issues involved, it is important to take the appropriate action during the construction process rather than waiting until the construction is finished. This type of proactive treatment can make a difference in the security of your home when it comes to termite infestations. There are some barriers that can be considered.

One of the potential treatment processes is a Borate termite wood treatment. This is perhaps one of the first steps to defending your home from an infestation of termites during and even after the construction process. When a borate wood treatment is applied, it not only kills termites, it also repels them and keeps them away for many years after it has been applied. Considering the fact that most of the framework of the home can be treated during the construction process, it can be a benefit.

You might also want to consider treating the soil around the new home as well. There is a liquid treatment process that can protect the home from termites for a very long time. Rather than being a reactive measure, this is a proactive treatment that keeps termites away.

Finally, you may want to consider an above ground foundation barrier. These come in the form of metal shields, and they have been used for many years to keep termites from getting up the foundation walls and onto the wood structure. As long as they are installed properly and not damaged during the installation process, they can provide years of protection for the home, even after it has finished with the construction phase. Masonry caps can also be used in a similar way.

Far too often, homeowners find out that they have a problem with termites and the damage is already done. It may be possible to remove the termites at that time, but the damage will have to be repaired if it is too extensive. Keeping the termites away before they become a problem is imperative, and when you take this step during the construction phase, it can help to protect your home from the damage that termites can produce.